Our Vision

New Zealand is full of talented people. As humanity is experiencing an explosion of information, we feel the importance of bridging the gap and removal of filters between talented people and the public. By asking the right questions and challenging our guests, we believe that we are triggering the discussion. We are not here to judge or decide, but to stimulate new ideas. We to like to followup and keep in touch with progress of people we interviewed. We are mainly interested in the following topics: our society, politics, science, innovation and new ideas. If you have what to contribute, or wants to recommend someone which may be interesting for others to listen to, please contact us.

About us

Yifat Amir is a New Zealand based theologian works/qualified in health and well being, social and community services, mental health and addiction support, theology and biblical studies.

Eran Ben-Shahar is a thinker and an inventor with scientific background in theoretical physics and interest with various subjects like psychology, technology and business innovation.