Tatsiana Zaretskaya, an awarded female entrepreneur from Estonia

Tatsiana Zaretskaya is,an awarded female entrepreneur from Estonia, a lawyer in her background and a mother of a 4 years old, founder of Laava Tech – which develops and manufactures smart LED lighting solutions for a variety of industries including vertical and hydroponics farms and insect protein operations.

Tatsiana is the winner of many personal awards like Forbes 30 under 30, Europe, Industry & Manufacturing 2020, The Outstanding Young Persons Award 2019 (Tokyo, Japan), European Institute of Technology (EIT) Women – Country Coordinator 2018-2019, UN and OSCE Scholarship for Peace and Security 2018 (Vienna, Austria) and more.

Laava Tech under her leadership was the winner of many startup competitions and awards like Make It In China 2019 (Guangzhou, China), Polar Bear Pitching Competition 2018 (Oulu, Finland), EIT Food Accelerator 2019 (Haifa, Israel), Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneer 2018 and 2019 (Paris, France), Laava Tech and others.

In this interview we speak with Tatsiana about her works, awards and specifically about the Polar Bear pitch which she has taken in a pool in Finland under conditions of -35c.

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