Amandine Flachs, French entrepreneur and influencer living in London

Amandine Flachs, originally from Paris, is living and working in London. She is a co-founder of a startup company doing AI for sports games, a Youtube broadcaster and a startup consultant.

In this interview we introduce Amandine and her startup, we discuss the covid19 pandemic affect in London, how is it to be a French immigrant to London and more.

Amandine’s Bio:

Supporting early-stage entrepreneurs in for the past 10 years in France, the USA and the UK, Amandine has helped transform technical solutions into understandable commercial offers, launch innovative products, build communities, and bring technical & non-technical teams together to kickstart projects and approach new markets.

Today, she is the co-founder of WildMeta, a young AI startup for esports and competitive video games training.

Amandine is an active Venture Scout for the London-based fund Backed VC, she also dedicates some of her time to mentor early-stage startups through accelerators & programmes and volunteers with diversity initiatives.

To put some light on amazing founders she comes across, Amandine also produces and hosts a series of live video interviews called Entrepreneurs Playing Games where she deep dives into entrepreneurs’ journey after playing video games with her guests. More at


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